Biking on Jackson Hole Pathways

Bike Rides in Jackson Hole: Art, Tradition & Culture beneath the Teton Mountain Range

It has been rainy for about three weeks in a row in Jackson Hole, but now the sun is shining and it is time to enjoy the outdoors! My good friend Aaron asked if wanted to join him on an afternoon ride to Dornans’ to explore the history, food and scenery. One of my favorite things to do is ride my bike in gorgeous places, and even as a local who sees the Teton Mountain Range every day this ride sounded spectacular.

Full Day Itinerary

  • Start the day by renting a road, hybrid or pathway bike with one of the friendly bike shops in town like Hoback Sports and Teton Mountain Bike Tours. They will size you for a bike and for comfort style.
  • Next head 2.4 miles north towards Grand Teton National Park and stop at the National museum of Wildlife art on the left hand side. If you like bronze sculptures you are in for a treat! With over 550 artists’ work represented from 2500 b.c to the present a wide range of pieces are on view. From there you can either enjoy an early lunch or snack at the Rising Sage Café or get back on the road. Just a little down the road to the right there is a Fish Hatchery which would be exciting if there are kids on the journey. After this head north up a small hill (the only one on the ride) and you will see the Tetons!
  •  9 miles down the road you will see a the sign to Moose/Teton Park Rd., turn left here and then take a right to Dornan’s. At Dornan’s you can explore the wine shop which showcases over 1,600 different types of wine. If you desire, you can purchase a bottle and head next door to pair it with a meal at Dornan’s Pizza and Pasta Company.
  • From here you can go to the Craig Thomas Discovery Center where you can learn about the history of the Tetons and life of the first Fur Trappers.
  • Head down further and enter Grand Teton National Park, from here you can visit the Menor’s Ferry Historic District which has a General Store where you can get old trinkets and locally made soda.
  • Here you can see the old ferry (that still runs from time to time), and the Chapel of the Transfiguration.
  • This is the end of our itinerary and its time to head back to town but keep in mind that if you are heading back in the afternoon expect some head wind.

Half-Day Itinerary

Start at Teton Mountain Bike Tours and ride north on the bike path. Ride 2.4 miles down the bike path and on the left you will see the Museum of Wildlife Art. If you get hungry you can order a snack or lunch at the Rising Sage Café and sit outside to see the National Elk Refuge as well as sleeping Indian mountain to the east. The museum is open from Monday to Sunday 9am to 5pm. After you get your fill of impressive artwork, head back towards town.

  • Estimated Overall Cost Per Person: 95 $ including lunch and National museum entry fee and bike rental.
  • What to Bring: sunscreen, National Park Pass, binoculars, 2L of water or a camelback, sunglasses, rain jacket, camera and snacks.
  • Mileage Round Trip: 26 Miles
  • Locals Tip: when crossing the bridge over the Gros Ventre River look for sparrows nesting in the mud.
Joslyn Funez
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