Jackson Hole Hikes: Ski Lake on Teton Pass

If you have already explored the hikes in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park, and are looking for more options, look no further! Teton pass has many hiking and biking options and one hike in particular is a locals’ favorite; Ski Lake (Phillips Canyon).

Quick Facts

Highlights:  Alpine lake views, gorgeous wildflowers, and overlooks of the surrounding Gros Ventre and Teton Ranges.

Access, Route & Mileage: Access this hike by driving up Teton Pass about 9.2 miles from the center of town and parking either on the left or right side of the Highway wear a sign marks Phillips Canyon. Head up the trail approximately .4 miles and head left to single track that marks Ski Lake and Phillips Pass.  Round Trip this hike is 4.8 miles long.

Flora & Fauna: blooming wildflowers, Douglas Fir, Aspen trees and open meadows. If you are lucky and go during the cooler parts of the day you may see moose, elk and bears.

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate – 1,000 ft. elevation gain.

Author’s Experience/Advice – It took approximately 2 hours at a moderate to fast pace.  She took this hike on a very sunny day and got burnt despite the several layers of sunscreen.


Bring at LEAST 2L of water due to high sweat volume and elevation. Bring a camera for great close-up shots of wildflowers and of course Ski Lake.  Also bring bear spray or a bear bell just in case…


Drinking from streams and alpine springs is one of the author’s favorite past times, but do be cautious and use a filter or water purification tablets. This trail is dog friendly and there is plenty of water to jump and play in!

Joslyn Funez
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