Eco Fair 2015

Most know Jackson as a town of western hats, premium leather cowboy boots, and the gateway to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park.  While this is true, there is a community behind it that makes the town of Jackson even more special to visit.

Eco-Fair in Jackson occurs every year in the spring and is a celebration of the work community members and business owners have done to make Jackson sustainable.

The local band Lazy Eyes played for the event covering new and old rock. Amazing non-profits like:

  • Slow Food in the Tetons– provides information of where to find local produce and meats in restaurants and grocery stores around town.
  • Friends of Pathways– “The community advocate for a complete pathways system, partnering with government agencies for construction support and ongoing education and encouragement programs.”
  • Wyoming Untrapped- “Dedicated to creating a safe and human environment for people, pets and wildlife through education and trapping regulation reform.”

You’ll find that when you talk to locals, keeping the pristine landscape and mighty beasts here for generations to come is one of the top priorities. How we go about this is through many facets of energy, education, and strong community consciousness.

Events like these are great to attend because you can see the heart and soul of Jackson and what really matters to its locals.

Joslyn Funez
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