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Wild & Majestic: A Wildlife Tour

Imagine a misty morning with clouds swiftly pushing over the Tetons, behind it the sun is rising and animals of grandeur start to peak out of the trees. This is a moment my fellow travelers and I experienced the morning with Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris in Grand Teton National Park.

The spring and fall seasons are most impressive and interesting to witness wildlife mating and birthing events.

But during the summer, eaglets are taking flight out of the nest, young are maturing and wildflowers are in full bloom.

To say the least, I was incredibly excited when I learned that our guide had over 20 years experience in the field and sure enough his passion shone right through. That being said our tour began with full bellies after grabbing breakfast on the way to find our first wild friend.

The Great Grey Owl was the first bird we were able to see, as it was not shy but merely acknowledging our presence with a swift tilt of the head.  I felt as though his eyes peered right through me, yellow and powerful.

Our guide, Dave Green, was able to throw out little tid-bits and facts that really enhanced the trip, here are some of my favorite:


  • Habitat around Oxbow bend is a prime spot to see a variety of birds such as the American Bald Eagle or the Double-Crested Cormorant.


  • Antlers are the fastest growing tissue in the animal kingdom, 1 inch a day!


  • Bison and Elk are matriarchal in social order.


  • The Jackson Hole Airport is the only airport located in a National Park.

” It’s just beautiful, stunning!” Throughout the day this sentence was repeated over and over.

You know how extensive your vocabulary is when you have a mixture of breathtaking views, a grizzly mother with three cubs, moose and several birds of prey sightings all in a row.

Nearing the end of the day we stopped at Signal Mountain Lodge for some good eats and once again breathtaking views.


I had heard that the nachos were mouthwatering and was excited to see if this was true. However, as I ordered, Dave (our guide) forewarned me that even the half order was enough to feed a small army.


Not believing him, I ordered them anyway. Sure enough a tower of nachos came into view… let’s just say I had a meal for a couple day

Reasons This Tour Was Worth It:

  • Comfort and Ease.


  • Guide’s knowledge of niches and pockets of wildlife that a Guide Book cannot replace.


  • “Leave no man behind”.  A slogan once said in the old west and now utilized by Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris guides to assist anyone they encounter who may need it.

We were an incredibly lucky group to see so much wildlife, so I asked, “How is this possible, was it just luck?”

With a smile on his face he responded, “Well it’s a combination of Timing, Persistence, 20 years experience and a little bit of luck.”

Joslyn Funez
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