Stargazing in Jackson Hole

Have you ever seen Jupiter’s rings under the Wyoming sky? This is your chance to explore the heavens with Wyoming Stargazing non-profit.

What to Bring: A Jacket

Cost: Free

Where: Center for the Arts

When: Friday’s at 8 pm on the front lawn

View the stars, moon and planets with a Truss Mounted Dobsonian Telescope Friday nights at the Center for the Arts.

Wyoming Stargazing is a local non-profit specializing in astronomical education, located in Jackson.  It offers great opportunities to the public such as stargazing on Friday nights and also Sunday programs at the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum.  Starting the first Friday of June Wyoming stargazing will be sharing the night sky at Rendezvous Park in Wilson.

Using the Starwalk app on iPads that are provided, you can navigate the sky with the touch of a finger. Identify constellations and with a couple taps you are given key information as well as an interactive 3d image to play with.

Astronomer Dr. Samuel Singer, executive director of Wyoming Stargazing, was there this Friday to share some of his knowledge. He has a wealth of knowledge and makes stargazing exciting and informational.

This educational outing is perfect for the whole family as well as a romantic evening out. Romantics and nerds alike will be dazzled.

Joslyn Funez
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