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Thai Me Up: Beer Heaven

Wandering through Jackson, it is easy to think there are not many options for Thai food… well there are a few tasty options but none as unique and unexpected as this place.

Beer enthusiasts are welcome to an unexpected niche of experimental beers and unrequited tastes. And of course you can expect a good meal on the side with dishes like Pad Thai or the famous Melvin Burger topped with an egg and shishito peppers.

The first thing you will notice is that the T.V.s’ are not displaying recent NCAA football or basketball but Kung-Fu, oh yes you heard me Kung Fu! Who doesn’t want to eat Asian infused cuisine while two ninjas fight for justice! Ok, it’s a little corny but I am certain you will not find this at any other establishment. And personally I like a little variability when I travel, especially when I can enjoy a few tasty beers and spicy Thai food all the while watching Kung–Fu action.

Melvin Brewing, the baby of a man who turned culinary mastermind into inquisitive hops. He is proud of his beer and as he should be: the well known 2×4 won Gold for Imperial IPA’s and the Cherry Bomb won Bronze for fruit beers in the 2014 World Beer Cup.

As a local I can speak for my friends, this is a great place to come when you need an epic beer and some food, and friendly company. Happy Hour from 5-6 pm and 9-10 pm and allows for cheap late night eats like potstickers and spicy wings.

Joslyn Funez
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