Fried Cauliflower with Fresh Parmesan


Teton Sunset


Calamari Frisee Salad


Creamy Shrimp Lemon Risotto


Wild Boar Tenderloin with a Cauliflower Artichoke Puree

Il Villagio Osteria: Italian for Anyone

Located in Hotel Terra, Teton Village, this fine dining Italian restaurant can stand on its own. Experience the menu that will bring you back to Italy or explore and try something new, Il Villagio Osteria is kid friendly yet reminds you that you are somewhere special.

Historically in Italy, an Osteria is a place where you can get a quality drink (usually wine) and share a simply minded meal. This simple concept is used in Il Villagio Osteria by serving plates meant to be shared.  Osteria opened its doors in February of 2008 and ever since has been growing quickly along side Teton Village. One great perk is the playground off the deck and can be a great getaway for the kids in between bites.

Osteria’s menu encompasses a five course meal starting with Antipasti, moving on to Ensalata, Primi, Secondi and finally Dessert.  Menus change every season in order to ensure that ingredients are in season and locally available.


Executive Chef Eric Greenwood has a personal mission to cook sustainably as well as promote awareness to sustainable fishing practices. A great way to do this was to join the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program, which promotes fishing practices that have the least impact on the environment and ecology.  Personally I am cautious when I order seafood, but with sustainable food preparation I can feel better about ordering the salmon I was craving.

For adventurous pallets, special dishes like Squid Ink Linguini with bottarga, or the Wild Boar Tenderloin can add excitement to your meal. Being on vacation can be stressful so maybe a spoonful of delicious Italian fusion paired with a smooth wine is all you need to relax and enjoy the evening.

Author’s Favorite Gastronomic Moment:  Trying Wild Boar for the very first time, the surprisingly tender slice of meat delicately sat on top of a sweet corn & caramelized tomato farrotto. Hiding underneath, the cauliflower artichoke puree played its part as the binder and one spoonful of everything created what I would call a one bite wonder.

Joslyn Funez
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