Grand Teton Brewing & Pub
Grand Teton Brewing & Pub
Grand Teton Brewing & Pub
Grand Teton Brewing & Pub

Grand Teton Brewing Tours

When visiting Grand Teton National Park, skip the familiar draft beer and give the local brews a try. The glacial water out here has a clean, sweet taste that breweries like Grand Teton Brewing have found brightens the flavors in their craft beers. While you’ll find Grand Teton Brewing’s beers in Jackson grocery stores and restaurants, a short trip to this brewery in Victor, Idaho is worth the drive. Signature brews like Sweetgrass APA, Bitch Creek ESB and 208 Session Ale are available to sample, but the real treat is being able to try the seasonal ales and Grand Teton Brewing’s Cellar Series before deciding which ones to take home as delicious souvenirs.

Not everyone is a beer drinker, so for the kid in all of us, Grand Teton Brewing has a line of kettle brewed sodas that are full of flavor without all the sugary sweetness. Being able to have a fresh, cold root beer is sometimes too tempting not to pass up, especially on warm summer days when you’ve just been outside enjoying Grand Teton National Park.

Once you’ve found a brew to your liking, take advantage of the brewery tour offered almost daily. I found that it’s not all big machinery that goes into beer production at Grand Teton Brewing, in one corner we found big oak barrels being used for the premium ales. Grand Teton Brewing uses the lingering flavors of wines and whiskey, previous residents of the barrels, as part of it’s aging process for it’s Cellar Series. One of the current brews being housed is Sour Grand Saison, a Farmhouse Ale, which is set to be released May 15th as part of a week long celebration for American Craft Beer Week.

While you’re hiking and sightseeing in the park, remember to stay well hydrated with some great tasting glacial waters. And when that long day is done, make sure to grab a local brew to pair well with that elk steak or bison burger. My favorite go to is the Grand Teton Amber Ale.

Grand Teton Brewing Company
430 Old Jackson Hwy

Victor, ID 83455

Pub open 7 days a week

Mon-Fri 12-8pm

Sat & Sun 1-8pm

Must be 21 to enter

Tours Monday – Saturday: 3:30pm


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