Tandem Bicycling in Teton National Park

Biking is one of the best ways to see Grand Teton National Park, so why not do it on a tandem? It is spring, and days are filled with sleet, rain, snow, wind and sunshine all in a few hours. But it doesn’t mean you cannot take a bike ride with breathtaking views in one of the most memorable national parks in the west.

Jackson Hole has built a great resource for locals and visitors alike, 45 miles of paved pathways, winding through Teton county and Grand Teton National Park. The path offers a safe place for biking without concern for traffic, and on top of that it is creates a sustainable way to see greater Jackson. So how do we get started?

This adventure starts at a local bike rental shop like Teton Mountain Bike Tours, where one can rent quality bicycles. You can rent anything from kids bikes, mountain, road and even tandem bikes. Start from town or from the back door of Teton Mountain bike shop and ride to Jenny Lake or String Lake. The routes are endless.

Riding a tandem requires good communication with your fellow rider; letting them know when you will start, stop and turn. The person in the back is called the “stoker” because he or she will set the pace. Likewise, pedaling in the back allows you to point out wildlife and take pictures without worrying about steering and braking.

On this ride you are almost guaranteed to see an abundance of ungulates, birds, and of course, spectacular views of the Tetons.

All you need is a friend, a little bit balance and teamwork!

Joslyn Funez
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