Jackson Hole Art Fair

Jackson Hole Art Fair: Get Your Fill of Kettle Corn and Unique Artisan Goods

Crazy orb rings, giant wildlife paintings, wooden children’s games, giant bronze sculptures of animals- can all be found at the Jackson Hole Art Fair and much more.

After I make my way through the hustle around Miller Park, I found an entrance and paid a mere two dollars to enter, which all benefits the growing Art Association of Jackson Hole. A volunteer for the Jackson Hole Art Fair informed me that all of the 170 artists have been hand picked from over 425 applicants, to ensure quality and an assortment of booths. Live music plays in the background all day with various acts ranging from West African beats to Chanman Roots Band, a popular local reggae band.

I began to meander along the booths which are organized very well, so you never have to backtrack or have that feeling that you have missed a prized picture of a buffalo somewhere behind a blind turn you passed. Melle Finelli’s booth caught my eye, with her perfectly crafted and unique jewelry. Some pieces almost have an outer space-like quality, yet they are all very charming and wearable. The booths are all so different and constantly kept me interested in what was to come. I stopped at a popular booth by artist, Skip Bellock, with large wooden art pieces that resemble a mix between a bowl and a lily pad. The pieces are so unique to not only get my attention, but the attention of tourists and other locals. A few booths down, I couldn’t help but see the giant sculptures of Guiseppe Palumbo. His life-size bronze sculpture of a cheetah is amazing and a must-have in every household.

I found myself thinking a few times throughout the Fair, “who would use that or where would someone put that or how can that fit on an airplane?” Then I would always see one person with that art piece in hand that had a ‘freshly purchased’ glow. I figured out then, that the Jackson Hole Art Fair is really for everyone and every different taste and artistic desire.

After finishing the maze of booths, I grabbed a drink and a bag of the highly addictive kettle corn. Settling into the grass, I began watching an excellent performance from the local dancers workshop in town. As I looked around, I noticed how diverse the audience is from young girls dancing in circles to grandmas and grandpas enjoying the shade and entertainment.

The festivities continued all weekend with various performers and artists; however, if you missed this art fair-please don’t cry. There is another, equally as promising fair, in the future. August 15-17th, the Art Fair will return to Miller Park with some of the same artists and also some new faces to keep it interesting. The music and dance performances will also change bringing in a whole new crew to keep you grooving. I will be there again, but probably with two bags of kettle corn this time.

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