Teton County Fair

For the Cowboy in all of us: Teton County Fair

I have heard before that once you have been to one state/county fair, you have been to them all; however, the Teton County Fair in Jackson Hole cannot be placed in that bracket.

Situated near the base of Snow King Mountain and about a mile away from Town Square on the Teton County Fairgrounds, the Teton County Fair is accessible by all forms of transportation-horses, bikes, cars, and on your feet. After locking my bike up, I headed straight for the rides and let my inner-child come out in full force. There is excitement for all ages- slides, twisty rides, mini-roller coasters, a Ferris wheel, mazes- the list could go on. Most are not for the faint of heart or stomach for that matter, but there is always the reliable merry-go-round. The nice thing about the fair is that it is quaint- you don’t need a walkie-talkie to find your family. It also won’t break the bank because unlimited rides around the fair only cost eighteen dollars.

Health food addicts pack a lunch because everyone including me looks forward to that greasy good cookin’ fair food, so save your appetite for an elephant ear or a deep-fried Twinkie.

The fair also boasts a petting zoo. I know what you are all thinking, “big deal- just goats ready to eat any piece of my shirt they can find.” OK, so there are a lot of goats, I am not going to lie; however, there are some amazing other additions to complete your western barnyard tour. My favorite was the Scottish Highlander, with its classically tan shaggy hair. There is also an array of pigs, ducks, cows, sheep, and long horned beasts to fill the classic petting zoo attendance.

In addition to the rides and the petting zoo, there are also different daily and nightly activities. The Teton County Fair Rodeo is a popular day at the Fair, where you can see the classic cowboy moves Jackson is all about and also an English horse show. Have your try at pig wrestling or barrel racing and don’t forget a change of clothes! There are also animal showcases and weigh-ins, a rodeo queen chosen for the year, and a live concert by The Yonder Mountain String Band. For more schedule information check out the Teton County Fair on your next Jackson Hole, WY vacation.

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