Jackson Hole Stagecoach

The Jackson Hole Stagecoach has been circling Jackson’s town square for 50+ years and is over 90 years old. Everything is original just like in the 1800s. It’s the only Stagecoach in the United States you can ride on top of (perfect for kids) and is a big attraction for our European guests. The ride is 8-10 minutes and happens every day between Memorial and Labor Day.

Contact Castagno Outfitters for more information, 800-729-1410.

Jackson Hole Stagecoach by Jackson Hole Traveler
Latham Jenkins

Blogger, Photographer and Publisher of Jackson Hole Traveler. A 20+ year resident of Jackson Hole who spent his summers in college guiding scenic raft trips in Grand Teton National Park and just never left!

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