Jackson Hole Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning in Jackson Hole is one of the best ways to gain a perspective of the amazing topography the area offers.  Your hot air balloon silently glides over the tree tops and climbs upwards of four thousand feet (10,000+ in elevation) admiring the Teton Range, Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and in the far distance, the Yellowstone Plateau.

Not only are the views of the landscape a humbling reflection of the beauty of this region, but you might be lucky enough to see Moose and Elk on the valley floor and Bald Eagles soaring in the morning thermals, all from the peaceful speed of flight in the hot air balloon. The Gondola (basket) is a perfect stable platform for shooting photos.

The Wyoming Balloon company offers sunrise flights during the summer and fall season by FAA certified pilots. Launching in the private open space near Teton Village and soaring for approximately an hour. Learn more about Hot Air Ballooning in Jackson Hole on their Web site.

Latham Jenkins

Blogger, Photographer and Publisher of Jackson Hole Traveler. A 20+ year resident of Jackson Hole who spent his summers in college guiding scenic raft trips in Grand Teton National Park and just never left!

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