Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival Taste of the Tetons

The number one problem with Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival Taste of the Tetons event is you never really know where to begin. There are so many booths full of tasty treats, delicious desserts, diverse artistry crafts and not to mention all the people walking around with plates and bowls full of mouth watering ‘tastes.’
After you get your bearings you must first begin with buying your tickets which is the only form of payment at the booths.  Make your way over to the ticket booth, where I recommend starting with twenty tickets per person, at one dollar each, and coming back if you need more tickets. A plate at a booth varies in cost from two to five tickets.
With your tickets in hand, pick a circular direction, and check out some booths. Personally, I like to walk around the whole Taste of the Tetons event once and scope out all the culinary samples available. As I was ‘scoping’ I overheard two ladies talking about “the best thing at the event” which was a fried green wyomato sandwich from Cascade Restaurant, which is located in Teton Mountain Lodge in Teton Village. I quickly located the popular booth and waited in the long, but fast moving line for my own taste of the ‘best thing.’ Let me tell you I was not let down, the local green wyomatos (from Big Piney) were perfectly matched with baby arugula, paprika aioli, red onions all on a ciabatta bun.
With an empty plate, I began my search for another treat. Before I saw the next booth, I smelled the sweet barbecue sauce and soon saw the delicious ribs grilling. At the Burkes Chop House booth, chefs were grilling off juicy ribs and topping them with generous portions of a homemade BBQ sauce. Moving around the booths, I spotted the historic The Wort Hotel who was serving up their famous corn chowder and even though the day was hot, the chowder was still excellent.
After tasting so many different cuisines, I needed a break and headed straight for the wine tasting tent. The same tickets work here to sample various wines; however, you must buy a glass for five dollars with all proceeds going to the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole. You can pick, swirl and sip from many different bottles as well as participate in the silent auction, which has anything from purses to elk antler knives.
In addition to the restaurant and wine booths, there are also many local artists showcasing their talents. One booth that jumped out to me was a local jewelry artist Jessica Freed. Her jewelry and belts all had intricate metal work designs that were one of a kind. There is also a live band, The Jackson Hole Cowboy Jubilee jamming away for your listening and dancing pleasure to old favorites such as Johnny Cash.
Taste of the Tetons is part of the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival which happens in September each year and is an excellent time to visit due to the plethora of events, fall colors changing, and less traffic. This year twenty-two restaurants from Jackson Hole and surrounding areas cooked, grilled, scooped, sauteed, and dressed mouth watering tastes for hungry onlookers. The Fall Arts Festival Taste of the Tetons is truly an exceptional collection of some of  Jackson Hole’s finest indulgences: diverse world-class cuisine, unique artists, and a charming small town vibe all amongst the historic town square.

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