Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival

Spend a few days to extend your summer tour of Jackson Hole and you will find out why Fall is one of the most treasured times in the valley. Crowds thin, temperatures cool and colorful scenery ignites in a final celebration of the warm temperatures as winter looms just above the valley floor. The town transforms into a small, but concentrated, bustle of events and excitement as locals and visitors alike relish Autumn activities, knowing plenty of time to catch up on good books by the fire is just around the corner.
One annual hallmark Fall event is the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival. Spanning the first few weeks of September, the festival runs this year from September 4-21. “A visual, performing and culinary arts celebration,” the festival has been running for 24 years and draws artists, guests and locals from far reaches to bask in the Teton settings and relax in senesory overload from the festival’s lineup. Browse the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival calendar to take a closer look at the numerous gallery events, exhibitions and conferences, culinary samplings and parties around town that offer something for all tastes and ages. This year’s featured artist is Greg Beecham, and his painting below was selected to represent the commemorative poster for this year’s festival.
Watch for a few highlights during the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival on our blog over the next few weeks, but make sure to come experience the excitement for yourself.

Jackson Hole fall arts festival featured artist: Greg Beecham
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